The Island is full of activities and breath taking sights, we put together a few of our top recommendations of things to do when you visit.

1. Visit Lindisfarne Priory and learn the history in the museum 

A great place to visit when exploring the island for the first time of the priory and museum. Here you can learn the full story of the history of the priory and St Cuthbert head into the Priory Museum. In the museum you can also see examples of Anglo Saxon stonework which were excavated in the area.
The priory is open every day during high season. During the winter months it is open Saturdays and Sundays only. The remains of the monastery which was built in the 12th century are worth a wander. Don’t miss the ‘Rainbow Arch” which survived the collapse of the tower above it over 200 years ago.

2. Discover Lindisfarne Castle

Northumberland has more castles than any other county in England. Built in 1550 Lindisfarne Castle overlooks the island and the neighbouring coastline. Although converted into private holiday home in the early 20th century the castle now belongs to the National Trust.
When you visit Lindisfarne Castle don’t miss the Gertrude Jekyll Garden which was created in 1911. Also head to the Lime Kilns which can be found on the headland called Castle Point a little beyond the castle. These are the largest and best preserved lime kilns in Northumberland. Opening times will vary due to tides.

3. Sample some Lindisfarne Mead

A great place to have a free sample of Lindisfarne Mead, the locally produced alcohol of Holy Island. The winery has a large showroom with a good selection of products for sale, including a great selection of whisky and other alcohol, as well as mead-based jam and biscuits. There is also an attached gift shop for Holy Island souvenirs. The winery is located in the centre of Holy Island village on Prior Lane.

4. Cross over to St Cuthbert’s Island (Hobthrush Island)

A small tidal island that is only accessible from Holy Island at low tide. This is where St. Cuthbert was said to come for peace and quiet from the busy Priory on Holy Island, and remains of a chapel/monks cell have been found here. Great views from here across the sands towards the mainland and to the south of Holy Island, and also a viewing point for birds and seals. The island is located to the southwest of Holy Island and is to the west of St. Mary’s parish church. Please only cross to this island when the tide is ebbing (as it approaches low tide). It has a much narrower window for visits than the tide tables for the causeway allow, and it is very easy to get trapped by the very fast rising tides.

5. Pop inside St Mary’s Church

The parish church of Holy Island village. This contains elements of the original Saxon church, which would have been part of the wider Lindisfarne Priory complex. The church is a quiet space, which has lots of information about the saints who established and lived at the Priory. Just as you enter the church, to the right, there is a large wooden sculpture called The Journey, depicting the carrying of St. Cuthbert’s coffin from Holy Island to Durham following Viking raids. Free entry

6. Visit Holy Island Beaches & Emmanuals Head

Holy Island is Surrounded by spectacular beaches and break taking scenery.

Some very close to the close to the village… Others even more spectacular only a short walk away, and Chances are you can get away from all the other day visitors and have a secluded beach all  to yourself.  Sandham Bay is approximately 2 miles walk form the main Village, is a Small Haven nestled on the north East side of the island just minutes from the Old Shipping marker Know and Emmanuel Head and the even more secluded Coves Bay Just beyond.

7. Visit Holy Island Gin Distillery

A Local small Batch Gin Distillery situated on Holy island with a small selection of Gins ranging from the Original Holy Island Gin to their newest creation, Winter Sky.

8. Lookout Tower & Bird Watching

David Narro Associates provided structural engineering advice for two projects on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne: the Rocket Field Building and the Lookout Tower.

The new Rocket Field Building provides a new focus point for visitors to the island, providing information and interpretation, an area for watching birds, and a muster point for groups. The building is constructed of stone masonry construction using locally-sourced and worked whin stone with a turf roof.

The Lookout Tower is a refurbished former Coastguard lookout tower dating from the 1950s. The original rooftop brick lookout cabin has been removed and replaced with a fully glazed, steel-framed lantern offering 360˚ panoramic views over the island, local nature reserve and estuary and Farne Islands. The steel frame has been designed to minimise interruption into this spectacular field of view. In addition to the new lantern, the masonry of the original tower has been consolidated and visitor access into the building has been improved through the construction of a new internal steel staircase.

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